IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases

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Автор: Ивасюк Н.О.
Язык: англ.
Год: 2013
Стр: 278
Обложка: мягкий пер.

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Артикул: a000295


The Manual “SMCP Standard Phrases” is the original edition purposed for students/cadets of Navigation Speciality for the full course of Business English for mariners. The manual covers all the syllabus topics according to IMO-3.17 Course Model.

This manual is the first national edition and pedagogical work, devoted to one of the most essential topics for future seafarers, navigators-Standard phrases for communication at sea. The authors wish to make these standard phrases easier for the students’ apprehension, taking into account their usage in multilingual crews, foreign ports and their application in GMDSS Distress, Urgency and Safety messages. This manual follows the sequence of the official IMO SMCP blocks and elaborates them in details.

Safety Communications
Data for a Traffic Image
Operative Ship Handling
Pilotage. Tug Assistance
Anchoring. Berthing
Safety on Board
Occupational Safety
Fire Protection and Fire Fighting
Damage Control
Cargo and Cargo Handling
SMCP Testing
SMCP Testing. Keys

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