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Profi - Folder for maritime documents made of genuine leather - Brown

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The Profi folder is specially designed for convenient storage of nautical certificates, diplomas and confirmations.

What’s inside?

- 3 pockets for standard size passports (seaman’s book, international passport, etc);
- 4 pockets for big size documents (seaman’s seagoing service record book, netherlands monster book, DP log book, etc);
- 3 pockets for cards (card certificates, bank cards, business cards, etc);
- holders for a pen, flash drive, and a large compartment for A4 documents;

High density document files (6 file types - 16 total):

- files with 4 little (105 x 145 mm) compartments are used for standard A6 certificates;
- small files with 2 medium (168 x 125 mm) compartments are used for diplomas, confirmations and certificates in A6+ format;
- files with 4 intersecting medium (168 x 125 mm) compartments are also used for the same documents in A6+ format;
- files with 2 large (212 x 150 mm) compartments are used for documents of A5 format (confirmations, certificates, etc.);
- dense files of standard size (214 x 300 mm) are used for A4 documents (Contract, Crew list, Health List, Drug & Alcohol test, etc.);
- a file with 10 small (100 x 60 mm) compartments is used for card certificates.

The files consist of two layers of plastic film, the lower layer is 150 µm, and the upper one is 120 µm.


Main and auxiliary functions

- keep all maritime documents, and accordingly the calm piece of mind of the seaman;
- place inside any files up to A4 format inclusive;
- conveniently scan and copy A6 format certificates in 4-pocket files.


How is the Profi folder different from the previous version?

1. Horizontal storage of passports

Position of passports in the folder is changed to horizontal, it saves space and prevents triple overlapping of documents. It’s easier to put inside and remove passports, and it also affects the overall thickness of the folder with the documents inside. In other words, with the horizontal storage of the passports, the folder "swells" less when it is full.

2. Pockets for big size documents

There are many different big size maritime documents and it isn't possible to make a pocket for each and one of them. We are talking about the Liberian "long" seaman’s book, the Dutch huge Monster Book, the special DP Log Book for offshore seafarers and many, many others. There was only one pocket for such documents in the previous version of the folder. In this version we decided to make 4 large pockets for them. Two of these pockets are located on the main spread of the folder and 2 more behind the files.

3. Document storage area

While maintaining the same external dimensions of the folder, the space for storing documents on the main spread has been increased and optimized. We managed to add additional compartments for cards and big size documents by increasing the storage area by 25 mm in height and complete revision of the location of all elements, including the pen and flash drive.

4. Cards

Recently, some maritime certificates (for example, the Maltese Endorsement) are issued in the form of standard size cards. We decided to add 3 pockers for such certificates, which can also be used to store business cards and bank cards.


What remains the same?

- high-grade durable leather;
- reliable Japanese YKK zipper;
- the total size of the closed folder: Height x Width x Thickness 340 x 265 x 30 mm;
- high density plastic files for documents;
- the strict appearance of the folder.


More details on the skin:

Leather for folders is supplied by the largest tannery in Ukraine. Modern tanning technologies and high-tech Italian equipment are used for the manufacture of leather.

The selected material is a dense but very elastic matte leather with a thickness of 1.6 mm with a smooth structure. The main advantages are the expensive look of the finished product, strength, practicality and long term of use.

How can a folder be modified?

The folder comes standard with dense files:

File A4 - 3 pcs
File with 4 little compartments - 3 pcs
File with 2 medium compartments - 3 pcs
File with 4 medium compartments - 3 pcs
File with 2 large compartments - 3 pcs
File with 10 small compartments - 1 pc


All files included in the kit can be purchased in our store separately, so you can modify the folder for yourself.


Why is a folder the best gift for a seafarer?

1. Maritime documents are not just certificates, but a set of professional achievements of a seafarer. Keeping them in proper order is not only a duty and good maritime practice, but also a pleasure for every seaman.

2. There are not many specialized gifts for seafarers, and the folder for maritime documents is one of them.

3. The folder comes in a nice craft box.

Folder closed size 340х265х30 мм
Material Leather
The weight 1130 g
Manufacturer Ukraine
  • All Standard Shipping orders are handled by UkrPoshta (Ukraine's National Post)


  • Visa and MasterCard


Reviews 12
Быстро получила посылку. Шикарная папка! В коричневом цвете очень красиво выглядят! Идеальный подарок мужу. Спасибо большое!
Папка супер.Все отлично.
Заказал коричневую папку Profi и получил на следующий день доставкой «Новая Почта». Отличное качество и комплектация, идеально подошло под документы, выданные российскими тренажёрными центрами. Очень доволен покупкой)))
Брали на подарок. До этого пару раз видел у коллег чёрную. Коричневая понравилась больше! Смотрится интересней. Отличное качество!
Егор, спасибо за отзыв! Очень рады, что покупка оставила у Вас положительные эмоции.
Читая отзывы, все-таки решил заказать себе папку :) Пришла, все укомплектовал. Действительно стоящая вещь! Как уже говорил менеджеру - было бы классно если бы у Вас появился вариант с тиснением «роза ветров».

Отдельное спасибо менеджеру Ольге, за хорошую организацию доставки папки и travel портмоне.
Данил, большое Ваш спасибо за отзыв! Очень рады, что Вы остались довольны.
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